Engagement, Proposal Photography

Sunset, Champagne, Love – perfect combination

Engagement photo ideas -popping bottle, bikes, love, proposal, sunset, summer. . . I mean – how much more perfect such a moment can be! As a photographer, they were dream couple to work with!

Kristine and Dominik were an absolute dream to photograph. They are such a fun and massively loved-up couple, all I had to do was leave them to it and point my camera in their direction. Thank you- this is perfect!

I always like to shoot engagement photographs in the evening if possible. The couple- Kristine’s and Dominik’s engagement photography at the park is exactly the reason for that – beautiful light. Light is king, as I love to say 🙂

There are many locations that are suitable for beautiful Engagement or a Couples shoot but one thing that dictates the mood is always light.

Thank you again to both of you and I look forward to seeing you both again soon!