Castle Durrow Wedding – Small Intimate

Small and Intimate Castle Durrow Wedding was planned when Indre and Keith reached out to me a year before their wedding day. The day was originally set to be in October but it had to postponed to December due to the situation globally. Thankfully the couple had always planned an intimate small wedding, which made it easier to manage.

How did you guys meet?
We met at work few years ago and started our love story from distance. I was living in Mullingar and Keith in Limerick. Keith used to visit me few times a week and drive these 2,5 hours journey just to see me for few hours. I remember my dad said – Indre, Keith loves you.. this man travels so much just to see you for few hours and back.

How and when did you get engaged?
Keith proposed on Christmas 2019 with Teja (our daughter) he had her t-shirt ready and asked her to go to mammy and bring little box… when Teja came to me I saw t-shirt with words – “Mammy will you marry my daddy” and then Keith got on one knee. It was so magical…

Describe the Theme of Your Wedding Day
Our Wedding day was planed for 8th October 2020, but because of COVID all was cancelled 2 days before wedding day…. Was really difficult and I didn’t want any wedding by this stage… but Keith asked me to give one more chance and we arranged one more date which one was 5th of December 2020. Theme of wedding was “Pink Princess Castle”, but in the end it became Christmas wedding with pink details 🙂

The Venue

I came in earlier that morning and fell in love with the Wedding Venue at Castle Durrow. It was beautifully decorated in time for the Christmas celebrations.

Morning Preparations

Morning preparations were in a glorious room that was very spacious and magnificent.

Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony was very much “to the point” as the bride and groom had their friend to be their Humanist

Family Photos

Family photos were done at the back of the house.

Portraits at Castle Durrow Grounds

Portraits at Castle Durrow Grounds meant more stunning photos and a lovely little break from the morning rush for the bride and the groom. We tool a walk at the golden hour at the back of Castle Durrow which was adding a magical touch and warm atmosphere to the photos.


Reception was beautiful, could not describe it in any other way.


Wedding Sparklers

First Dance

With a Spotify Playlist on (because no live music permitted) the couple had a lovely first dance.

Wedding Video Highlights


A piece of advice for future brides?

No matter what.. just go with your gut! Small wedding with 25 people is amazing and we do not regret we’ve done it!

Wedding budget tips

Because the Wedding was small and intimate, some elements of the wedding could be done by bride. Kept the wedding cost lower and price per person. You can request their wedding brochure by getting in touch.