The Wedding

An alternative wedding of beautiful princess and prince story. The couple were waiting long for this day and it has finally arrived. The sunny day was filled with so many beautiful moments. We did everything – we went to park, to abandoned building (used it as a background) family photos and friends, smoke bombs, castle photos, forest etc . . . The bride and groom were writing their own speeches and promises to each other that they have then read at the midnight.

The Details

The wedding shoes are fab!! The gorgeous dress and the happy, full of love couple. They have certainly found each other and truly love each other as they are. This wedding took place in a small country Latvia. Groom is originally from Finland and the Bride is from Latvia. The alternative wedding took place in Latvia – hometown of Christina. The couple permanently live in Finland and enjoy each other every day. I could go on about how special this wedding was but really picture paints a thousand words 🙂

Alternative Wedding in Ireland

Ireland is such a magical place for having an Alternative Wedding planned.

Top Alternative wedding venues in Ireland:

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Morning Preparations

Morning was calm and worry free. Although inside the bride understood that this is one of the most important days in her life. Her cousin, (bridesmaid) was with her in the morning, helping to get ready. Brides daughter also helped with the dress and was so much looking forward to see her mummy happy.

The Ceremony

Brides brother was walking her to the altar, where the groom was patiently waiting and trying not to get emotional.

Alternative Wedding portraits

We went to a castle museum for photos and for the newlyweds to write their promises to each other, which they would then read at midnight.

Wedding Smoke Bombs

Wedding Reception

First Dance

Cake Cutting